Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chicken, Green Chile and Cheese Bake

My inspiration for this dish came from a stuffed chicken breast recipe that someone told me about. I thought I'd change it up a bit to make it more kid friendly.  I also wanted a casserole type dish that I could easily eat on it's own with a salad or vegetables, or my guests could enjoy in a tortilla or pita pocket.

This recipe is South Beach Diet friendly for all Phases.

Chicken, Green Chile and Cheese Bake

2 whole chicken breasts
1/2 onion, chopped
1T olive oil
1/2 red pepper, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2c low fat sour cream
1/2c non fat plain greek yogurt
1 (4oz) can diced green chiles
1 1/2 low fat shredded cheddar cheese
smoked paprika
2t cumin

Preheat oven to 350*.
Season chicken breasts with salt, pepper and smoked paprika. Spray frying pan with non-stick cooking spray and cook chicken breasts stove top until done. Remove chicken from the pans and set aside to rest for about 10 minutes.

While chicken is resting, chop onion, red pepper and garlic. Add olive oil to the pan that you cooked the chicken in and saute onion, red, pepper and garlic.

In a medium mixing bowl add sour cream, yogurt, green chiles (with juices) and cumin. Mix well. Add sauteed vegetables to this mix along with 1/2 of the cheese. Mix well.

Cut chicken into bite sized pieces and place in 8x8 or 9x9 baking dish that has been prepared with non-stick cooking spray. add the yogurt/sour cream mixture to the chicken and mix well. Bake in 350* oven for 30 minutes or until chicken is bubbly and cheese begins to brown.

I forgot to take a photo once the chicken was plated since we had company. My husband and I had our chicken in a low carb pita pocket (half of a round each), topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and cilantro. Our guests and our kids ate theirs in four tortillas. This could very well be eaten as is, without any sort of bread if you are on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet.

I also thought I'd stick in a photo of this beautiful salad that was our side dish this evening. I LOVE the way the red leaf lettuce looks with the colorful vegetables. The beautiful red leaf lettuce, the amazingly delicious carrots, and the lovely radishes came in my weekly CSA box from Harvest2U.
Seriously, if you are in the Temecula/Murrieta area I highly recommend this CSA.