Monday, April 18, 2011

Cupcakes: The Force or the Dark Side?

I can't believe that since the beginning of this blog I haven't posted a single cake? The shame!

Anyhow, we are high into birthday season in our household. Between my boys, my husband, myself, our friends and our friends' kids we have more than a dozen birthdays between the first week of February and Memorial weekend. So, I usually make a lot of cake in the late winter, early spring. This year has absolutely been the exception. I can't believe we're in April and I've only made like three cakes. Jeez, people, if you don't have me make your cakes I'm going to get out of practice.

My oldest turned FIVE at the beginning of April and we spent the majority of the weekend at Disneyland (my home away from home for those of you who know me). That left me with very little time for caking. Of course, my dear, lovely son would never let me off the hook. He loves his Momma's cakes. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. I did have to negotiate with him for cupcakes since time was of the essence.

I picked up these very cute cupcake kits from William Sonoma. They were so very appropriate for my young Padiwan. They have two versions. One for your young Sith (The Dark Side) and one for a young Padiwan (The Force). I couldn't resist, I got both.

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  1. Love these!! I've looked at them and had them in my basket before at William Sonoma but then put them back! Charlie loves loves loves Star Wars....I'm going to have to pick these up (oh along with the table cloth I've been eyeing there too!). Love to read your blog too!!!